Malcolm Young AC/DC greatest rhythm guitar player in Rock N Roll “We Salute You”


Michael Hepworth


By Jimmy Steinfeldt

Malcolm Young. AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 11/18/17/–I’ve been listening to AC/DC since high school. I’ve met everybody in the band and photographed them many times. AC/DC appears in my second book Rock ’N’ Roll Lens Volume II .

Perhaps the most important thing however is the band’s influence on my songwriting and playing. Particularly my guitar playing as influenced by Malcolm Young. He was one of the greatest rhythm guitar players in Rock N Roll. He usually chose to remain at the side or back of the stage leaving the spotlight to his younger bother Angus as well as to the singer. In 2014 various medical issues including dementia brought about his retirement and he passed away today at age 64.

Malcolm and his bother Angus founded the band in 1973. In addition to co-writing their hit songs he was an essential part of the production and mixing of the records. AC/DC sold 200 millions records. They influenced everybody in Rock N Roll and their music will live on forever.

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