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HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Music Today)9/7/17/–Hard to believe it has been fifty years since this cult album was released, but ABCKO are releasing an amazing tribute with a Double Vinyl/Double Hybrid SACD treatment set, including Mono and Stereo versions with restored original lenticular cover art. I remember those days when the major acts like the Beatles and the Stones released albums at least once a year, and when this came out it certainly got a mixed reaction from hard core fans.

Over time however the music has been covered by many bands Including Kiss, The Damned, Redd Kross, Bad Brains, Arcade Fire and others and a revisit is well in order.

In those days however virtually every major UK act released a Psychedelic style album with mixed results. One of those being a group who supported the Stones in the early days called the Pretty Things who are still going strong, and who put out a classic called S.F.Sorrow.

Originally released in December 1967, the album was recorded over an eight  month period that year, and the scattered recording schedule was partly due to the legal and drug problems Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Keith Richards were dealing with that year. Jones also spent three weeks in a nursing home. They also lost their first manager/producer Andrew Loog Oldham that year and the band had to finish the album themselves. According to Charlie Watts it was very rare to have all five members in the studio at the same time and he added “The sessions were a lot of fun because you could do anything. It was so druggy-acid and all that.” Folks, we are talking about the real good stuff that was floating around London at that time like the LSD soaked onto a sugar cube.

It was also the first Rolling Stones album to have identical track lists in the U.K. and U.S. The ten tracks on the album are saturated with studio effects such as the mellotron and theremin along with oscillators and string arrangements. Those were created by musical genius John Paul Jones, later of Led Zeppelin. Of the ten songs, the Stones only ever played two of them live, “She’s a Rainbow” and “2000 Light Years From Home.”

“In Another Land” is the only song in the Stones heralded history both written and sung by Bill Wyman, who took full advantage when he was the only Stone to show up one day for work. Later on Jones added mellotron, Nicky Hopkins added harpsichord and Mick and Keith added back up vocals.

In addition the Small Faces added vocals and the mercurial Steve Marriott played acoustic guitar. The amazing artwork was created by Michael Cooper also hired for Sergeant Pepper. The original lenticular technology proved to be very expensive to re-produce and was only used on the first pressing, with subsequent pressings using still photography.


“2000 Light Years From Home”:



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