Frank ZAPPA and The Mothers create ROXY The Movie, “a comic genius and jazz sensibilities in a perfect marriage”


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 “Frank Zappa could bring together such comic genius and jazz sensibilities 
By Fast Tony Anderson
HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Music Today)12/16/15/–Here we have a treasure from the vaults of the Zappa Family Trust that can put fans onstage with Frank and The Mothers 42 years later.  When the exciting performances that took place December 8-10th in 1973 at the historic Roxy Theatre, the fabled West Hollywood club  had not even been open three months. Now, thanks to the dedication and care of the film’s producers; Frank Zappa, Gail Zappa, Ahmet Zappa & Jeff Stein, we can all have the opportunity to view and hear what, at the time, only a lucky 500 people who came each night got to see and enjoy.
     From the subtle entrance of Georg Duke’s Rhodes piano on “ Something Terrible Has Happened “, it’s not long before the ride accelerates into warp speed with the precision and instinct, that musicians and fans alike, have come to admire from the music .  Zappa leads the band and audience together through 14 tracks that only serve  to remind us all why not only the Los Angeles music scene, but the rest of the world, were taking note and paying close attention to what was happening here.
     Only someone like Frank Zappa could bring together such comic genius and jazz sensibilities in a perfect marriage, that seemingly breath new life into Rock N’ Roll itself.  You want rhythm?  Just have a listen to Chester Thompson & Ralph Humphrey on drums & percussion while Ruth Underwood works the xylophone on “ Inca Roads. “ Further more, Frank reminds us all that it’s healthy to laugh at the absurdity and hypnotic effects that can occur when fiction masquerades as truth through television in songs like “ I’m The Slime. “  If all this isn’t enough, you can go to the “ Yes & But Also “ section of the DVD for additional footage of classics like “ The Idiot Bastard Son “  &  “ Dickie’s Such An Asshole “   and more!  The accompanying audio cd of the soundtrack is another bonus within this package that received upgraded and improved treatment from the “ Roxy & Elsewhere “ original release.
Although the world had to say goodbye to Frank Zappa in December of 1993 with his passing, we can thank the Zappa Family Trust for being excellent guardians and keepers of the flame to his legacy and the art he so tastefully created.
Release Date; November 6, 2015




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