James Marshall Jimi Hendrix Happy Birthday Thank You for your Gifts

Jimi Hendrix 1969 Bakersfield Ron Raffaelli   Michael Hepworth www.perfectmealtoday.com, www.spiritsman.com, www.perfectskintoday.com, www.perfecttraveltoday.com, www.perfectmealtoday.com, www.perfectmusictoday.com, www.perfectgolftoday.com   By Joy Overbeck HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today)12/5/19/– The late Sixties was an era of wildly charged possibility, when an entire generation felt it stood open mouthed at the brink of a new world. It was if they had […]

Leica’s Los Angeles Gallery features the photography of Neal Preston and Linda Troeller

Neal Preston Leica Photography Exhibit Neal Preston and Linda Troeller through December 2   Linda Troeller     Michael Hepworth   Story and photographs by Jimmy Steinfeldt   Leica hosted a fun and exciting opening of its newest exhibit at its Los Angeles Gallery. The exhibit features the work of two great talents: Neal Preston, and […]