Lady of Laurel Canyon, Kim Gottlieb-Walker interviewed by Jimmy Steinfeldt

  Michael Hepworth   Laurel Canyon, CA (Perfect Music Today) 11/9/17/– Jimmy Steinfeldt: How often do you clean your lens?   Kim Gottlieb-Walker: I can’t remember the last time.   JS: What photographers influenced you?   KGW: The main one would be Henri Cartier Bresson because he was the one who talked about the decisive […]

Frank Serafine, Michael Wilson, Howard Sapper journey inside the creation of Kitaro’s Kojiki and The Universe World Tour 2017

  Michael Hepworth             HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 11/8/17/–Frank: I’m speaking  with,  Michael Wilson  Producer  and Howard Sapper Tour Director ,  discussing  the creation of Kitaro’s KOJIKI & THE UNIVERSE 2017  world tour. Howard: My name’s Howard Sapper, and I’ve been working with Kitaro off and on since 1987, since […]

Jimmy Steinfeldt interviews photographer Gene Kirkland

Michael Hepworth   Jimmy Steinfeldt: How often do you clean your lens? HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 10/31/17/–Gene Kirkland: I never even thought about that. Probably when somebody has bumped into me or spilled something on it. If I’m about to do a shoot and I haven’t done one for a while I’ll clean the lens […]

KITARO Kojiki And The Universe 2017 creation of the Heavens and Earth

Michael Hepworth   HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 10/30/17/–Kojiki And The Universe is the joint project of Kitaro, one of the iconic originators of the New Age Music genre, and Professor Kazunari Shibata, Director of the Kwasan and Hida Observatories at Kyoto University. It is an experiment in merging music with movies of the universe. The […]


Michael Hepworth     ALLMAN BROTHERS LEGACY ALIVE AND WELL IN MACON Georgia (Perfect Music Today) 10/29/17/–The heyday of the Allman Brothers Band was probably in the early seventies but the folks in Macon still remember them well and recent visit to this sleepy Southern town confirmed the fact that they are still big news. […]

The exotic violinist from Ukraine Assia Ahhatt partnered with legendary producer and creative genius Humberto Gatica, with their new CD release: “ALL-IN”

Michael Hepworth                   By Cheri Fox Los Angeles, CA (Perfect Music Today) 10/18/17/–– Thursday October 16, 2017 -Sofitel Hotel West Hollywood, The beautiful and talented international contemporary violinist Assia Ahhatt brought down the house on Thursday, October 12 when she performed at an exclusive showcase event in celebration […]

The Nikki Sixx “Conversations With Angels” Photo Exhibit at the Leica Gallery

Michael Hepworth       The Nikki Sixx Photo Exhibit at the Leica Gallery By Jimmy Steinfeldt shot with my Leica D-Lux 6 Los Angeles (Perfect Music Today) 10/6/17/–Last night I attended the huge opening night of the Nikki Sixx photo exhibit Conversations With Angles to benefit the Covenant House of Los Angeles. 100s attended […]

Jimmy Steinfeldt Acclaimed Photographer Releases Second Volume of Book, “Rock ’N’ Roll Lens”®

    Acclaimed Photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt Releases Second Volume of Book, “Rock ’N’ Roll Lens”®       – Michael Hepworth     HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today)3/11/17/–In Rock ‘N’ Roll Lens Volume II, renowned photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt has included fifty of his best black and white photographs, as well as commentary from his celebrity friends. […]