GRAMMY Award-winning musician David ClaytonThomas (Blood Sweat & Tears)has announced the release of his latest album,

Say Somethin’ — set for release March 20, 2020 via Linus Records.

DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS GRAMMY Award-winning musician



Michael Hepworth

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 3/30/20/-GRAMMY Award-winning musician DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS the former Blood Sweat & Tears frontman is back with new album called Say Somethin’ which is a very politically charged piece of work on Linus Records. There are ten tracks and the gun violence and youth criminal justice system are just two of the areas the Canadian singer attacks along with fellow Canadian musicians Lou Pomanti, Eric St.Laurent, Davide Direnzo and George Koller. Aside from politics Thomas also takes on climate change and immigration along with a song called “Dear Mr.Obama.”

Thomas was indicted inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame in 2007 and his classic song “Spinning Wheel” made it into the songwriters Hall of Fame, and in 2010 he received a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. His debut album with Blood Sweat & Tears has sold 10 million copies and is widely considered one of the greatest albums of all time and pioneered the Jazz Rock genre along with Chicago Transit Authority and the Electric Flag. That album won five Grammy Awards and featured three hit singles. Clayton Thomas also had a signature tune on the album, that being the classic ‘’God Bless the Child.” His familiar impressive vocal traits come through on many of the tracks and the overall production is strong enough to get a lot of airplay in these troubled times.


’God Bless the Child.”




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