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HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Music Today) 11/4/19/–Former Rosenbergs front man, David Fagin, and his producing partner Dan McLoughlin have announced the launch of Book Of The Month Club, a new band very much in the power pop vein of Fagin’s much celebrated quartet and McLoughlin’s, Push Stars.  Fagin’s vision for Book Of The Month Club, beyond its musical skew, is to offer the public an opportunity to acquire new music in a sequential way.  The idea is that BOTM subscribers will be offered a new digital single with both virtual “A” and “B” sides delivered to their inbox each month.  The debut single is “Lost,” b/w “Love Will Only Get In The Way,” both penned by Fagin and preceded by a video for “Lost”  that can be seen and heard through this link:

Recorded at McLoughlin’s Garden Street Studios in Hoboken NJ (“Sinatra’s hometown,” Fagin is quick to point out), the two tracks are the BOTM November selection for which users/listeners/collectors are charged $1.29.  A full year’s subscription (24 tracks), available on the band’s website, is $9.99.  Fagin described the thinking behind the effort: “To release a full-length album into the void, and watch it be swallowed up in five seconds by news of some Instagram queen’s wardrobe malfunction and/or engagement doesn’t seem like the best way to go. Besides, do albums even exist anymore?  Because we are comparatively dinosaurs and grew up listening to these things called ‘records,’ we thought it would be fun to do a ‘slow burn’ and release a new track each month, akin to a musical book club.  And, in the style of the old 45 rpm singles, each track will include a B-side, bringing the total to an amazingly generous two (!) tracks every month. This will give BOTM subscribers/followers something new to look forward to every few weeks, as well as keep our profile out there for more than a five-minute window.  At least that’s the idea.”

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BOTM’s Dan McLoughlin and David Fagin
More about BOTM’s David Fagin:

A gifted composer, vocalist and pop theoretician, David Fagin has long been an advocate for artists rights and, perhaps, therein lies part of the reason that he’s not become a household name over the course of his lengthy career.   He founded The Rosenbergs, an iconic New York-based power pop quartet and, due to his belief in changing the way artists and labels relate, he ultimately received far more attention for what he said than for the music he played. While his outspoken advocacy earned praise from luminaries such as Michael Stipe, Gene Simmons and Courtney Love, leading to his writing for Billboard and The Huffington Post. It also kept the band from mainstream radio/recognition.  Fagin even lectured on the business of music at Harvard and NYU and testified on Capitol Hill at the C.A.R.P. hearings.  All Music Guide noted, “The Rosenbergs have gained more attention for their intransigent relationship toward the music business than for their music.”

Partnering with DGM (Discipline Global Mobile), the UK label founded by legendary King Crimson guitar virtuoso, Robert Fripp, The Rosenbergs’ business model helped pave the way for other artists to rethink the entire structure of how they did business as did their much publicized partnership with file sharing giant Napster.  These way-before-their-time-moves were the start of a serious dialogue about the possibility of “partnerships” – giving artists a share in the ownership of their masters, and, thus, better control of their financial futures while allowing labels to benefit from additional revenue streams beyond record sales. 

While Fagin was stirring things up on the panel circuit, his music somehow seeped out; he penned a theme song for a CBS sitcom, shared stages with No Doubt, The Strokes, Duran Duran, Alex Chilton, Echo and The Bunnymen and appeared on Carson Daly five straight nights, was a regular guest on Dennis Miller Live and wound up on The Howard Stern Show along with Kiss’ Gene Simmons. He also appeared on EXTRA and The Today Show. His music has been used by such major retailers as The GapNordstrom and Starbucks. His song “Boston Strong, written in the aftermath of the bombings, was chosen as the theme for the 2014 Boston Marathon and released through iTunes by Universal Music.  David and his writing partner donated all proceeds for the song to the Onefund to benefit victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.  For his efforts in this regard, Fagin and his partner, Jamie Hazan, were honored by the New York Mets at Citi Field for being “Outstanding Teammates in the Community.”

When he’s not writing, recording and causing trouble, David fronts The Counterfeiters who have been described as “the best 80s/90s party band in the universe.”  Feel free to hire them for your next function:

More about BOTM’s Dan McLaughlin:

Dan McLoughlin began his producing career in Woodstock, NY at the world famous Dreamland Recording Studio, where he worked with Joe Jackson, Dinosaur Jr, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Breeders. He worked in studios all over the country including The Hit Factory in New York, Fort Apache in Boston and Ocean Way in Los Angeles. Thereafter, he founded Garden Street Studios and Garden Street School of the Performing Arts with his wife Annie.  His band The Push Stars was signed to Capitol Records in 1996 and saw their music featured in such major films  as “There’s Something About Mary,” “Me, Myself & Irene” and “The Devil Wears Prada” with TV placements including “Malcolm In The Middle” and “Roswell.” According to the Garden Street website, “Dan loves creating timeless music one project at a time.”


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