Leica’s Los Angeles Gallery features the photography of Neal Preston and Linda Troeller

Neal Preston

Leica Photography Exhibit Neal Preston and Linda Troeller through December 2


Linda Troeller




Michael Hepworth


Story and photographs by Jimmy Steinfeldt


Leica hosted a fun and exciting opening of its newest exhibit at its Los Angeles Gallery. The exhibit features the work of two great talents: Neal Preston, and Linda Troeller

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Music Today) 10/31/19/–Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, Queen and more were there in the form of giant photographs taken by the legendary Neal Preston. Preston is the only photographer Led Zeppelin ever hired to tour with them. His work has been published in 1000s of magazines and newspapers worldwide. This exhibit is special because Preston decided to dig deep in his archive and find many photos he’s not exhibited before and print them very big. His exhibit is called Big Rock. Most of the photos are offered in small editions of 3. A few are actually offered in editions of only 1. https://www.prestonpictures.com/

Linda Troeller moved into the Chelsea Hotel in 1994. Eventually she photographed many of its famous tenants. Her award winning book Living Inside the Chelsea Hotel tells the story. This exhibit includes many of the amazing images from the book. Troeller’s art projects focus on personal and social issues. She’s been featured in dozens of exhibitions, published many books, and has been a professor of photography. https://sites.google.com/view/lindatroeller/home

For more info: https://leicagalleryla.com/upcoming-exhibitions/



Anthony Friedkin, Paris Chong, Jeff Garlin



Paris Chong, Neal Preston, Glen Wexler













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