The World’s Most Notorious Bad Boys!

Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, Nicki Sixx

All Bad Things Must Come To An End



Michael Hepworth






By Michael Cohan

Anaheim,CA(Perfect Music Today)12/28/15/–When delving into my research for a rock concert to end 2015 with a bang this avid concert goer stumbled on a show that would end all on one low final note but with a hell of a high kick start to the New Year. You know who that band would be none other than L. A.’s bad boys of rock Motley Crue on their “Final Tour” of their career. They reflect and say ”All bad things must come to an end” right? It was all a “bad attitude” night of pure rollicking raunchy and roll this past Tuesday the 22nd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. In fact the Crue selected another very special band to tour with them worldwide for the final two years was another “bad” band that would match them with their epitaph theme of RIP and theatrical rock staging but the ever young at heart Alice Cooper.

Purchasing tickets almost two months ago this reviewer grew in anticipation of the night soon to come. This great double bill lived up to its expectations and then some and it doesn’t take much to relive the great show these two monster bands delivered to its fans. You see, some bands perform a Farewell Tour only to return to the stage two to three years later and that’s why Motley Crue wanted it to be named the “Final Tour.” In January 2014 they mutually signed their “death pact” a cessation of touring document with their attorney at a CNN news conference. All the band members already have plans in place to continue on their own individual endeavors. “RIP: All good things must come to an end “ tour theme was born.


In 1981 drummer Tommy Lee and bass player Nikki Sixx formed Motley Crue and then added vocalist Vince Neil . Along with Mick Mars on the guitar the group would become a vibrant over the top high energy electrifying act for their rabid fans.

On this last night in Anaheim they pulled out all the stops sparing no expense. Their elaborate set design included dozens of multi-colored lights pointing in every direction. The pyrotechnics were in place. The special effects showcased a dream of drummer Tommy Lee which featured his drum kit planted down on a riser that traveled on a roller coaster rig high up into the middle of arena. It was quite enormous and most likely very expensive. This reviewer couldn’t help but wonder how much all of this cost, millions and millions, maybe a quarter of a billion?



Legendary Alice Cooper got the festivities rolling with his own macabre Rocky Horror style of music. A huge backdrop of Alice’s face draped behind the band. A fitting opener “The Black Widow” set the tone for their too short 55 minute set. Cooper is known as the Godfather of Shock Rock delving into his huge catalog of hits the band followed with perennial chart toppers “I’m 18,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” and “Under my Wheels.”

His pioneering props included a giant monster plodding or dancing it’s way around the stage during “Feed My Frankenstein,” he was stuffed into a straitjacket in “Ballad of Dwight Fry,” and he was beheaded by a guillotine during “I Love the Dead.” Needless to say Alice’s band rocked right down to the last chord having the crowd chanting during his encore of probably his biggest hit “School’s Out.” He bid us and Motley Crue a fond farewell and the stage was ready for the ultimate final toasting.


Speaking of toasting by the time Motley Crue casually hit the stage running they slammed us with their opening track of “Girls, Girls, Girls.” This track was just pure fun and it had the crowd singing with the band from the get go. The band slithered their way into “The Wild Side” while fireballs shot straight up into the air flanked around Tommy Lee’s drum kit. They reminded me of something seen in The Wizard of Oz. There was a lot of the usual fist pumping in the audience and by the time “Same Ol’ Situation” hit us the arena was full of smoke from the pyrotechnics and billowing all the way through into the back hallways of the club level. It was almost like they were playing at a smoky bar on the Sunset Strip.

By the time Vince’s voice had warmed up they stormed through “Don’t go away Mad (Just go away)!” and a blistering version of the Brownsville Station song “Smokin’ in the Boys Room.” During another favorite “Looks that Kill” the oldest Crue member Mick Mars at the age of 64 seemed to have more energy than the others while showcasing his style and just shredding his Gibson Les Paul.


During the show the L. A. quartet reveled the crowd with a smattering of thank-yous and swearing emotions that seemingly felt that there was an end coming to their illustrious 35 year career. Vince and the band tore the roof off with “Shout at the Devil” by throwing the mic over the crowd during the chorus as the fans all shouted while Sixx was in the groove on stage with his flame throwing bass guitar.

A medley of DJ mixes came up and it was time to fulfill Lee’s lifelong dream of pulling of a roller coaster of a stunt in which the drum kit rose up and flipped over all the whilst Tommy was ripping off his drum solo. The riser then proceeded to land upwards at the other end of the floor near the soundboard. Lee informed the crowd that he was so amped about pulling off something so extensive in front of a live crowd that he ranted for a bit but finished with “I love you!”


The solo from Mick Mars was absolutely beautifully done that he was bathed on stage by a red light. But the reverberation from his guitar was rattling the glass doors in the suites. He never spoke a word all night but he was certainly the loudest and baddest! After a few more songs they settled into their last number before the encore. “Dr. Feelgood” and “Kickstart my Heart” finished the nearly two hour concert.   More fireworks and party confetti and streamer cannons sprayed all over igniting a monster pentagram behind the band.


The encore was performed on Lee’s platform near the soundboard. Sixx and Neil were hoisted by giant cranes to join Lee and as they all performed “Home Sweet Home” it felt like the band was truly home in L. A. for good as they bid us goodbye one final time bearing sentiments of “there’s no place like home.” Vince thanked the crowd one last time and said “Have a Motley Christmas and a Happy Crue Year!”







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