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Once in a Lifetime. If One is fortunate, One gets a ‘Do Over’

Chris and Scotty Squire
Chris and Scotty Squire

By Preston Repenning

Boston(Perfect Music Today) 7/8/15/–Dear Scotland, You and Chris had that opportunity. So did I. Once upon a time, there was a Beautiful Maiden and a Rock God. You met Chris at a YES show years before and magic occurred. Fast forward to 2003 AD.

Suddenly there was a car parked in front of The Argyle Hotel in Los Angeles (now the Sunset Tower). The tag read “YESFAN”. Within those hallowed walls a magical re-connection occurred. One unlike any other. Chris loves Scotty with all his heart. Scotty also loves Chris, Therein, an inseparable bond between the two lovers was rekindled, nurtured and brought forth again.


The regeneration of YES and all that followed is here for all to enjoy. Thanks in a very large part to you. Sadly, and inexplicably, Christopher Russell Edward Squire has passed from this planet. Nonetheless, his genius, music, compassion, and amazing love for his family and friends will endure here on Earth and forevermore. 

Scotty, I love you and Chris and I want you and the girls to know that all of you have touched my soul in immeasurable and positive ways. I mourn our loss and I cannot imagine your pain. I am here for you all. Always. Chris LOVES you.

With all my love and respect,






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